Tuesday, November 22, 2005


We are feeling bloggy! Why? It is due to eternal perversity of human nature. Because we cannot. Computer system is tottering on verge of collapse again. Internet on tap has trickled to not even a drip. We are seeing grainy dots on screen thanks to 16-color resolution and only erratic dial-up connectivity is being. Have not answered mails, have not read favourite bloggers, and not wished Happy Birthday to persons who having Happy Birthdays. Have had to consult reference books and look up dictionary books! That dire, it is being, situation. Naturally, just have to blog.

I am seeing HP and the GoF. Girl has made excellent points – need is not being to repeat. I am agreeing much. Also much approving point-wise format. Why create time wastage?
First, movie is being sometimes ok, sometimes so-so. Like good friend Samanth has said, problem is being with unwieldy book. What director and screenplay man can do – so much is there to tell. Still, I will tell you, it is not being stand-alone movie, it is only being supplementary material to books. But if you see in that way, it is being nice.

Thrilling scenes at Quidditch World Cup – amazing, stupendous, fabulous. Victor Krum is flying out and they are showing nicely his superstar status. I am having goose bumps – unfortunately there is being no match, no highlights even. Very diso. I am day dreaming much that someone will create/choreograph whole match and show us. Just like that. For fun.

They are showing too much of dragon, and also taking liberties with it. No no, do not let mind go to horrible places - I am only saying they are making dragon fly. Now, where it is written in books? They are showing very bad usage of Floo network, not understanding that head in fire must be at ninety degrees to logs, not lurk underneath charcoal. But castle, common room, library, owlery and all are lovely. Two-three looks are being exchanged by Krum and Hermione - new things, chemistry and such that was not there in books. I was thinking how different media must play to strengths; movie is also triggering thoughts like this.

Nice casting movie is having - I am loving bald head of Ralph Fiennes and also loooong fingers. V Sexy. Graveyard scenes are being bit scary.

Am not liking Mad Eye’s mad eye. Like high school drama prop, it is.

Parvati and Padma Patil!! Why why they are giving pretty girls clothes and jewellery like that? Horribly cut and stitched pink blouses with silly dupattas? Ghagra not too bad, but still compromise. Why cannot they order from India, when it is established that NRIs do tacky job of Indian clothes?

That is all.


warya said...

heheh. i have to say i almost completely agree, especially about the poor patil sisters with the weird clothes/earrings. good job, vyas.

warya said...

did i say weird? i meant horrible. and did i mention what a funny post this was? making me giggle loudly in the library. heheh. also, what was hermione wearing to the ball, that pink frilly thing with frills? honestly, i ask you. could go on for a bit about all the things that annoyed me, but will stop now and leave your comments box alone.

Gayathri said...

Oh, I hated hated hated those things the Patil sisters wore - my #1 complaint with the movie. Unlike, Warya, though, I won't leave your comment box alone. #2 is Fleur is supposed to be prettier and kind of fluttery and brainless, no? Fleur on screen looked quite capable! #3 is that as cool as Ralph is, Voldemort is just not scary enough. #4 Could have used more of the Diggory chap. #5 Why is no one getting a haircut?

Sheetal said...

Thankee, Warya. Yeah, I was so hung up on Hermione in blue, the frilly number came as a surprise. Liked Cho though - all dignified and sweet.
Gay, I thought Fleur unsatisfactory as well. Wasn't she supposed to be like this intimidating beauty, all remote and unattainable? This one was just French.

The Marauder's Map said...

Hey, I was just visited by inspiration. I know now why they botched up the Sirius's head scene. See, if they did it like we all thought it would be (head ninety degrees to fire etc) they would have to bring in the actor who played Sirius in the Azkaban movie for just this one scene. While with this, they could get away by generating what looked like a sort of bearded face and putting it behind the fire. And evidently, they wanted to save on that so they could spend more on the sf.

Am now beginning to think like mercenary Hollywood producer. Scary thought!

i wonder why said...

And this is the reason I have eschewed the movies - Such generation of moral superiority from post.
Ha ha
You are being much influenced by Gollum my precioussss?

Sheetal said...

Marauder: yes, you must be right - otherwise there's no explaining why did that. Of course they could have done away with the scene, instead of spoiling it for the next movie where there's so much comings and goings through fires.

Wonderkid: I can't believe you've stuck with your resolve and not seen a single movie! But I can't say I haven't enjoyed dissing the movies.
Yepus, Yoda-gollumitis result of three days spent in company of the Sen.