Monday, September 26, 2005


The birding trip to Rouriyal lake scheduled for Sunday was cancelled. Australopithecus and I are agreed it was a nasty conspiracy - it poured at 4.30 much resembling weather conditions Noah must've encountered, so trip was officially called off. Barely an hour later the sun was out, looking rather innocent. Hmph.

Rouriyal lake is beyond Charminar and Pahad-i-Shareef and I was rather hoping the lake would be full (we've had decent, decent rains this year, thank god) and that I'd be able to post a pic or two. Instead I have a few others that were lying about on my comp.

These chaps were on Radha Aunty's wall, bit hostile. Female most submissive.

Hyderabad's authorities are very fond of deer. There are at least three deer parks and this one is the smallest of them near Shameerpet. Very tame fellas - the keeper rings the bell and in they come to have lunch. Not exactly wildlife but something for us cityslickers to gawk at.

Found this insect in the garden at home - really liked the dry leaf camouflage. Don't know what it is - perhaps Kiran Katikaneni will know.


Australopithecus said...

you can make a sequel to dunstn checks in calling it Ek bandar compound ke andar...or D. Checks out the humans.

cbrao said...

What is the meaning of Picchars ?
Can this word be found in a dictionary? Do you mean pictures?

Sheetal said...

Hi Bhaskar Uncle, yes, I do mean pictures :-).