Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Flying Machine

The Birdwatching Society had an indoor meeting yesterday and Bio-physicist Dr Narsimha Chari came to talk to us about his research: Adapting bird flight to create a new kind of airplane that uses energy and aerodynamics more efficiently. Biomimicry of a kind, the subject is being studied in only about half a dozen laboratories in the world. 'If I had the funds, I'd bring you a prototype in three years,' Dr Chari says.

Amazingly, he's talking of solo flying machines, a personal flying car that will take you across reasonable distances. They won't be very fast - speeds are just about 150 km/hr, but think! Udan khatolas!

Dr Chari and team are writing a book about it - out in a couple of months.


Australopithecus said...

CRAP! and i missed it. considering that i actually have a degree in bio-physics, its a shame..

Sheetal said...

hau re, why you dinna come? you could've asked intelligent questions also. Come Sunday - Rouriyal Tank. Call me, Punjagutta saath mein jaainge.