Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

I have been afflicted, these past two-three days, with Seeker's Gravitas - a typical seriousness that overtakes sadhakas when there are earnest and weighted down by the lack of instant, perceivable, quantifiable and claimable success. The whole thing is a contradiction in terms. If you can really see, there is no one left to claim the credit. And if there is indeed someone clamouring to breast the ribbon, then you're playing some other game altogether. I get it.

But as the the Wise Man promptly asks: Who is it that Gets It?

There is only one word in response to that: BAH!

So let us put that aside for just a bit and strive for another tack. A simpler one - to be like this dog here in this haiku. A Labrador, no less. The darlingest breed to my eyes... innocent, life-loving... temperament completely lacking in malice or ill-will. Brown heart-melting eyes and large hearts.
Today, I will follow this dog's lead... bound along the streets of life and stop only to smell the roses.

sunset stroll...
the Labrador’s nose streaked
with pollen
~Maria Steyn

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