Friday, December 12, 2014

Japan Musings

It has been a great week in Japan. I sit in the lounge waiting for the departure call and reflect about what kind, warm and polite people these are.
I've seen many things, absorbed so many details... I wonder often if travel is worth the trouble it takes seeing that we intake so many things when the idea is to empty oneself. Filling up even as we drain - how sensible is that?
And if this is my primary preoccupation, why do I hanker after travel, get itchy feet when I've been home too many months? It is a contradiction. But never mind, I have been taken well in hand. How much play I get is His call. What I'm permitted to do, what I'm expected to be conscious of, what he'd like me to learn... It's all up to him. 

I have a feeling I didn't use Japan too well. I was caught in the little things and didn't back that with even so much as an appropriate exuberance either. Perhaps I'm in no position to judge. In any case, it is done. I have lined up Boyhood and Lucy for the flight. And Tokyo Detective Duo if time permits.
I'll be home soon.

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