Sunday, October 20, 2013

Good intentions

Maine abhi khayal-e-safar hi kiya 'Safi'
Kaante simat ke raah ke paaon mein aa gaye...
मैने अभी ख़याल-ए-सफ़र ही किया 'सफी'
कांटे सिमट के राह के पाँव में आ गए।  
It is past midnight and I am sitting up, distressed, feeling very ill. I will spare you the details but I'm throwing up everything I ate all day. This happens occasionally when the stomach doesn't want anything but I'm too conditioned to regular meals to be able to deny it food altogether.
But I had tentatively started on a new regimen today to prepare for a program I'm about to attend: lots of fresh salad, no chillies, no beverages, plenty of good, nutritious, positive pranic stuff. It was supposed to get into its stride tomorrow, but I've hit a stumble today.

But now that this seems to have settled, perhaps it'll work like a breeze the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck.

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