Sunday, November 04, 2012

Mere hanjroon de toofan*

I dusted off an old, much-loved music album today with songs by Anup Jalota. And re-found this sher with a very short behr:

baithe baithe rone ki,
rut hai paagal hone ki

बैठे बैठे रोने की
रुत है पागल होने की 

And it seemed to fit my mood (and so goes on the header). You see, somehow this November (1, 2) is here again. It has always been a vivid month for me. Everything darkens... you begin to prize what light there is. This year, the month has begun with a piercing drizzle as well. Everything inexplicably turns a little more profound, more meaningful -- also a little melancholy. I cannot say why.

Fittingly, this ghazal has another sher that I like:

marne wala mitti ka
arthi chaandi-sone ki

मरने वाला मिट्ठी का
अर्थी चांदी सोने की

That's it! How did the shayar manage to pack so much comment into eight words? These poets, I tell you...

*The blog title is from Farid's Meda ishq vi toon, in which he says, among other things, 'Mere hanjroon de toofan vi tu...': you are (also) my stormy tears.


Shweta said...

ग़ालिब हमें न छेड़ कि फिर जोश-ए अशक से
बैठे हैं हम तहीयह-ए तूफ़ां किये हुए

With me you know how it is, na?

Ravish-ravish hai wahi aabshaar ka mausam
Nahi hai koi bhi mausam iqtiyaar ka mausam

Hey how is that? you know where that comes from, no? I am pleased with it coming out like that!

Sheetal said...

Beautiful, beautiful! aabshaar ka mausam - wah!

ek zamana tha ke kehte the
beikhtiyar hoke raha dil toh kya raha
aisi fuzool shay bhi na parwardigaar de!

ab dekho.