Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Poorna chandrama gagan viraaje

full moon
my monthly loss
for words
-Yvonne Cabalona

Moon-struck today. It is the season of Sharad... the dark, thick blankets of cloud that hid it from view these past months have been swept away, the moon now has only some wisps attached to it, framing it for artistic effect.

I am more receptive to the full moon tonight than I can ever remember. It seemed the perfect, the absolutely perfect occasion to share this gem from Veena Sahasrabuddhe as she cascades rippling moonlight through the ether.

Raag Madhukauns, I understand, is a creation of Ustad Salamat Ali Khan sahab and I have had the immense pleasure of hearing a magical rendition of it by him and his brother Nazakat Ali Khan. But tonight, you must hear this bandish:


Silpa Swarnapuri said...

Love this...
also, promise me you'll watch this when it comes on...

Sheetal said...

hey this promo looks grand and line-up very interesting! Zeb and Haniya as well - I promise :)! thanks for letting me know.

Sunshine said...

yes yes deewarists is a must-see. i actually ran out in my er..shorts
(with neighbour aunty glaring)to see the moon. and i am stealing that quote. :)

Aasheesh said...

Bhai wah! Mazaa aa gayaa! On Sharadpoornima grandmother would place a bowl of kheer on the roof, to imbibe the brilliance of the moon, dissolve the aks of os. Next day it tasted no different, but one felt elated on partaking. Uski mahima niraali?

Sheetal said...

Sunshine: Sunshine looking at moonshine - there's a twilight moment :D

Aasheesh: I didn't know they did that! Next poornima, I'm trying that - gathering moonbeams in at least a glass of water. Kheer won't be safe from our cats.