Wednesday, May 11, 2011

At the core

The season is long past, and I'm taking down Connie Donleycott's comment on autumn:

falling leaves
my friend and I
discuss clutter
In its place, because it has been tickling me all this week, poet Yu Chang's assertion:  

in a nut shell
there is never
enough room

Now this is a strange thing for a haiku poet to say! For here is a man used to writing in three short lines, attempting to communicate the essence of things. He knows of old wells and frogs going plop, he knows the ways of sparrows. After all, he knows well that there is as much room in a nutshell as there is anywhere else in the cosmos. There is enough room in a nutshell for a tree... and who knows what else? And yet, this plea for elbow room.


footloose said...

yeh dekho! 16GB it is then :D

Sunshine said...

I like! this reminded me of yukio mishima's writings... have you read? esp the sea of fertility series..

Sheetal said...

Illa pa, never read. Will, if I come across.

Sheetal said...

Footloose, your comment had disappeared and is now mysteriously back again!

Re the 16GB, gosh, how you take one up! that sort of space elasticity only applies to magical things, don't you know? For apples of human making, we still need 32GB.