Tuesday, June 01, 2010

First rains

Are these the monsoons then? The skies are appropriately overcast, there are distant drumrolls but it is only the first of June! The grey clouds weren't expected here till the fifth. But they came to Kerala a day early and they must've sped indeed to be here this quickly. But the first rains have been slightly blah so far - such a slight drizzle, it took half an hour to even completely wet the ground. But slow and steady's ok - I'm willing to take the good over the interesting.


Sharada said...

Knew it! Gut feeling tha ki Blaag-post yahaan pe rahenga karke. Hau, how come only drizzle in Sec'bad? Rumbling clouds, thunder etc here accompanied heavy shower that last for a good twenty minutes. Vagaries of nature perhafs.

Can't be monsoons. Some side-effect it must have been from the Bay of Bengal branch of the south-west monsoons.

Sheetal said...

hee. arre, varsham boletho how we'll not put post? also because we created new label called 'change of season'.
correct correct, this must be sneak preview only.