Monday, February 15, 2010

In Which We Go Back to the Basics

Gather around, children, for Baba Sheetal has some advice. She will share pearls of wisdom wrought from her own experience.

Once in a way, you will feel that the world has gone wrong, or worse, that you have gone wrong in it. The impulse is for the mind to run hither and thither examining various probable reasons for the malaise. If you are like Baba Sheetal and many of her girlfriends, this will induce a prolonged analysis of the life sitution - one's motivations, one's desires, one's success, one's energy; questions on where one is and where one wants to go and what one must do about it.

Far be it for me to criticise such an exercise! It is important and must be undertaken by every thinking female once a week, or at least once a fortnight if one is in a particularly healthy emotional frame of mind.

However, I suggest to you that there might be other ways to tackle these little crises. If time is short and there is no time for a full analysis, to call friends and talk till ears on both sides of the conversation are hot and red from the phone being pressed so close, do not worry. There are a few emergency measures.

1) The minute you discover that you have been feeling out of sorts for a couple of hours, go immediately to the water dispenser and down three large glasses of water. After an interval of half an hour, down two more.

2) Sit down for five minutes. Sit straight, take off footwear, let the feet touch the ground. Take in 20 deep and long breaths. Take, if you can, 20-30 seconds for each inhale and 20-30 secs again for the exhale. Remember to breathe right into the stomach.

3) Take a tub. Put in one palmful of rock salt, two fat drops of oil (cooking/gingelly/mustard/olive) and any essence you like, if you like. Fill it with hot water and soak your feet for 15 mins. Pour water down the drain.

These three should hold you in till you can get help or get over the issue. Remember a well hydrated, well aerated and decontaminated (subtle) body equals a happy person! I shall now sit back and wait for your fervent thanks.


deepa said...

i feel subtly better just reading about the hot water foot-soak :)

Shweta said...

Baba Sheetal ke tilismi nuske! badee meherbani!

Space Bar said...

um. you *throw* away a whole tub of water and that doesn't immediately negate all the good effects of a foot soak?!

also, baba s says, breathe in for 4 counts and breathe out for 8.


Sheetal said...

O subtle, enigmatic Deepa, that makes happy.

Seta: you can take one-third credit for tilismi nuskas; we give it happily.

Baba SB: you seek to tweak our formula? by all means let us finetune the breathing.
But the water, we insist even in these eco-friendly times, must be thrown. not recycled to plants or anything. siva, siva!

Space Bar said...

flush water?

we tweek; we don't tweet. :D

Sheetal said...

oh *smacks head* it is comment on choice of word, not environmental manners! :D flush away, tweekledee.