Thursday, April 30, 2009

A thought

When it is cold and draughty we shut our windows and pull close our doors – it also makes us as people more secretive, private and individual. Come summer, with the loo whipping at us, we throw the casements open, look upon our neighbours and do not shy away from their gazes. Is it simply the climate of a place that dictates character, why the tropics are so much more communal compared to the more inhibited temperate zones?


Space Bar said...

dunno about you, but when the loo blows and when the buildings give off their own heat, i tend to shut my windows, throw water on the floor, put on dark curtains and cover myself with a wet towel.

i wonder what that makes me?

Sheetal said...

SB: oh I do all of those things in the day, but anything in the evenings to encourage the breeze indoors.

BTW, have you tried a pan of ice under the fan? Works like a dream. You have to keep making ice though, and it can take over your life.

Space Bar said...

ice under the fan means first you make ice then you find a way to suspend it just under the fan?! (:D)

I think i'll just use the ac with a little less conscience!

Sheetal said...

suspended under the fan!!
:D - even on the floor will do, SB. but ac is best, of course, the earth be damned.