Saturday, February 28, 2009

Raaleti poola raagalu

The chills haven’t quite left Delhi yet. I wasn’t feeling too clever, so I picked out a shawl to wrap around me this afternoon. An off-white one with a blue edge that always makes me feel special and cosy. A lingering sense of being sorry for oneself and a shawl – the connection was inevitable.

And just to have this superb song of Veturi’s on hand whenever I need it:

Aamani paadave hayiga
Moogavai poku ee vela
Raaleti poola raagalato
Pooseti poola gandhalato
Manchu taaki koyila
Mounamaina velala… aamani paadave hayiga

Vayassu lo vasantame ushassula jwalinchaga
Manassu lo niraasale ranchinchele mareechika
Padaala na yada swarala sampada
Tarala na katha kshanalave kada
Gatinchi povu gaadha nenani…
Aamani paadave haayigaa...

Sukaalato pikaalato dhwaninchinaa madhodayam
Divi bhuvi kalaa nizam sprusinchina mahodayam
Maro prapanchame marinta cheruvai
Nivaali korinaa ugaadi velalo
Gatinchi povu gaadha nenani…
Aamani paadave haayigaa…

Incidentally, what does ‘nivaLi’ mean, does anyone know?


footloose said...

and nivali is the only word u didn't get? impressive, sheetal!

u know, i listened to geetanjali all of summer '89. used to think this song was such a bore :)

Sheetal said...

heh. I was stumped long ago by sukaalato pikaalato but my mum, I think, explained that.

boring laga tha re! what a bachcha party you must've been. Rahman is all very well but I miss Ilayaraja. Why can't we have both? After Shalimar, the hula hula lula hula lu lu la in this one is my second favourite tribal chant.

Gayathri said...

sukaalato pikaalato?

Sheetal said...

G, suka is parrot and pika according to the Leela, is the peacock, but suka-pikalu seems to stand for birds and birdcalls in general.

Sharada said...

Darn, that's what sukalato and pikalato means? Yahaan pe soch rahein the, that it means "with happiness" and the next word was just made up to rhyme along. :p Sort of like paraanthe-waaranthe. :p

Anyway, while on the topic, I love this movie too. Cult-gult only.:)

Hemanth said...


What a song! I never liked to listen to the tamil version of gitanjali;s songs -- thanks a lot for the verses, though i dont know the meaning, it does strike a chord right through your heart!