Friday, October 10, 2008

Yaad ke benishan jazeeron se

Australopithecus tags me, so we regress…

My oldest memory
Riding on Moti’s back, Moti being the neighbour’s enormous dog. Also eating Moti’s lunch, out of his bowl. Yechch!!! Mother says I was about two-and-a-half. Life before that is a blank. What’s the use, I ask you.

10 years ago
In Chennai. I was getting used to a new job, in a new city. Plus ça change…

My first thought this morning
Shit, I need to write the Switzerland piece!

If you built a time capsule today, what would it contain?
A laptop (of course), some token amounts of RDX, a bottle of packaged drinking water, Tiger DNA, a photograph of the Taj Mahal (just in case, paapam, they don’t have it), a DVD of a Bollywood potboiler (which one, though? Sholay, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun? Drona?)… many more things.

When I don’t have discipline with an ordinary weekend bag, you think I’d have it when it comes to packing a time capsule? This is going to be my favourite past time for the next week, putting together this trunk.

This year
Has been good to me.

14 years from now
I will be… shudder… 14 years older. It doesn’t bear thinking about, so I shan’t. No idea what I’ll be doing.

I tag
Ze Gaga
The Kid
The Kiddo


Sharada said...

Why did I not notice this before?! Self-centered brat. Must have been in a hurry to do the tag.

You ate out of Moti's bowl?!!! Heh Heh!

Sheetal said...

heh - but you did the tag, so much shabhashi.
Poor moti, yes. My mother, who struggled to shield me from every adverse wind and floating infection, was appalled.

Sharada said...

Ah, 'Did' the tag in italics.. Your third tagee did not do it, no? Three people tagging one for the same tag is like ultra popularity only.:p

Funnily, I really cannot imagine you as a baby. All that floats into my mind is a grown-up you eating out of the bowl.

(Amma, thanks God, she is in Delhi. And also one is scared of her these days. Her Reiki powers seem to extend beyond the capital ever since the Ladakh trip.)

Sheetal said...

First and third tagee.

Cannot imagine me as baby! arre I won many cute baby awards hands down. My godmothers - who have two-two childrens of their own each - will tell they ain't seen a bonnier one.