Thursday, July 31, 2008

जब कभी भी सुनोगे गीत मेरे...

It’s the death anniversary of Mohd Rafi and Jhankaar on World Space is having a Rafi special. Predominantly 70s though, all the Rishi Kapoor numbers, which are fun enough but not, for me, the real Rafi. Give me the 60s any day.

When I was young, the radio and Hindi film music were obsessions. I’d lock myself in the room, sit in front of the transistor in attitudes of meditation, rocking in appreciation. On Sundays, Radio Ceylon had specials. I remember one hour-long information-packed slot where episode by episode, they went through the body of Hindi film music, year-wise – taking us through the hits, supplying nuggets of trivia. I took notes as if I was going to be examined on the subject. Eventually, the heat of my interest abated and regrettably, the facts have fallen away through the chinks in memory.

One July 31 many years ago, I was looking forward to a day full of Rafi. I had cleared the decks, and there was nothing to keep me from staying unhealthily glued to the radio. Except disaster. I turned the knobs and the transistor went dead. I was near tears; perhaps I did cry. My father took me out to Secunderabad’s Clock Tower area and bought me a new one. Shweta tells me now that she was shocked at such indulgence – my parents were not the sort to give in to every whim. I think now that they were very wise, able to distinguish between unreasonable demands and what was very important to the child.


Ludwig said...

I'm listening to Farishta's Rafi tributes right now! Whatte fun. Will avoid the 70s Rafi, he got a little bit tinny towards the end, we've always thought. 60s and earlier is honey.

> think now that they were very
> wise, able to distinguish
> between unreasonable demands
> and what was very important
> to the child.

A certain sibling is probably sitting somewhere reading this and going, "Yeah, right!" :P

Sheetal said...

Very probably :-). We each thought they spoilt the other.

Shweta said...

Was at Dentist Nivedita's clinic in the morning and the very same farishta was singing,and that, my favouritest song - Aap ko dil mein bitha loon.
Said sibling remembers the incident with the indelible clarity that is reserved for perception-altering childhood events.

footloose said...

sheetal vyas, you make me want to film that scene :)

Sheetal said...

Tot: oh Teheriye hosh mein aa lun to chale jaaiyega! Shashi Kapoor and Nanda. mmm.
I will concede this one. You remember it better, I think. I've done some patch work on my memories.

Footloose: kya re? young Sheetal crying over the demise of a radio?