Saturday, March 15, 2008

A dash of blue

The thrillingest thing!
I had no idea they even KNEW we existed, but evidently they do! Our humble garden, or rather Radha Aunty's excellent shrubbery, which is the same thing, has been flattered, exalted, ennobled by the presence of a Tickell's Blue Flycatcher! Yes, yes, but I have photographic proof.

Clearly digiscoping is not my talent but of the lot I have just two, may be three pictures that are reasonably clear. Yes they do come to gardens but of all the gardens, in all the world...!

This place buzzes with Red-vented Bulbuls, Tailorbirds, sunbirds, White-headed Babblers... but never before have we seen a flycatcher. Perhaps this little patch is gaining a reputation. The word, I fancy, is going around that there are lemon bushes here, and flowers, flies, juicy worms, and the odd predatory cat to add spice. Alas, this is not the first time I have let such hopes soar when vagrants come a'callin'. Why let that stop us be aux anges.


Sharada said...

Oh Wow! A Tickell's right in your garden! How cool is that?!! (feels jealous)

Sheetal said...

Esss! We are tickelled blue about it. All mornings we are standing at window, waiting waiting...

?! said...

Mmmmm. Nice.

--> Likes birds as birds. Ummm, nice blue bird kinda thing : )

But was asking, how to mail ? Wanted opinion on something.

Sheetal said...

I thought the id was on the profile, but I've obviously forgotten include it. It's there now.

deewaan said...

On your 'standing at window, waiting, waiting...', may one throw in a spot of Ghalib...?

"Khizaan kyaa, fasl-e-gul kahte hain kisko? koi mausam ho;
vahii ham hain, qafas hai, aur maatam baal-o-par kaa hai"

[What is autumn? What is it (that they) call the harvest of roses? Whatever be the season;
It is the same I, the (same) cage, and the lament for wing and feather..."]

Sheetal said...

Oh thank you! how truly delightful that is – I had never come across this one before. He talks of a cage and yet the soul soars a bit. Is there anything that is not bettered by a spot of Ghalib?

I had trouble sleeping yesterday and put myself under with the image of a rose. I shall be haunted tonight with a veritable harvest of roses.

Hemanth said... if you havent heard of this site before.. will keep you amused for hours.. not just birds, but all life on this planet..

Sheetal said...

Thanks Hemanth! That's a fabulous site - bookmarked it immediately. I'm still constantly amazed by the internet and how it can be harnessed :).