Friday, November 23, 2007

Hyderabad BirdRace

Sorry for the hasty post but it's BirdRace time again. We had one last year and it was terrific fun!
It's on 2 December this year - do do come. You'll need to register with Siraj Taher (32936937) or Sushil Kapadia (9393319333) of the Birdwatchers' Society of Andhra Pradesh. The official site is here and Ludwig has all the details here.


Anonymous said...

Sheetala, saw your piece on the Bird Race in Hyd Times. Sounds like a lot of fun you girls had. Want to initiate the two into some and when?

Sheetal said...

Som, it was brilliant! the only grouse was we missed you guys.
As for introducing the Two, absolutely! Will come by and take them both to the Botanical Gardens one of these Sundays.