Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Madhya Pradesh account

It's a been a longish while. What have I been upto? Some travel I can plead, but that was just this last month; the fact is I've been moody and self indulgent in this grand all-negating manner.

After I got back from Kurnool, Shweta and I took ourselves off to Jabalpur to trek with the YHAI. It wasn't an altogether fun experience - the organisers misunderstood the concept of trekking and put us into a rickety rattrap of a bus and carted us all over three districts, Jabalpur, Seoni and Chhindwara. We passed through some magnificent landscapes, though - through the Satpura ranges, touching the wonderfully soothing hot springs of Anhoni, the elegance of Pachmarhi and finally the mecca for tiger spotters, Pench, where, no, before you ask, we did not spot the tiger or the leopard.

My own troubles on the trip started on day one, when I discovered to my horror that a fellow traveller had managed to give me conjunctivitis. I was already in Jabalpur and there was no help for it but to mop up and hope everyone else wasn’t susceptible. I had nightmarish visions of a busload of red-eyed people pointing accusatory fingers at me.

The trip included three nights on the bus and this was truly horrible, more horrible than I can say. The bus tended to hurl its occupants out of their very cramped seats, the driver was fond of loud grating sounds banging through the night, and we stopped roughly every hour, when all the lights would come on and 70 people would get off and then try and fit themselves in again. Looking back, now that I have spent every available minute of the past three days sleeping, it looks better. Some views will stay forever, some people will never be forgotten and the long descent into Patalkot is a story I’ll be telling around campfires.


quirkycase said...

I have always wanted to see the Satpuras! I'm sure you have some grt memories of the natural beauty there, despite the hardships..

Good to read yr blog again!


Sheetal said...

Ashwini: yes, the landscapes were amazing - the waterfalls, the forest streams - and I don't think I'll ever forget the glimpse of a regal wolf in the grass.
Travelling by bus let us cover a much greater area, so that was a plus too. Now that my knees have stopped hurting, I'll readjust my memories :)

Nandan Jha said...

While surfing I happened to visit your blog and liked it.

Some of the avid travelers of India are writing at a place called and I thought that your travel writings would greatly benefit the ghumakkars who are on this site.

Recently someone wrote about Pachmarhi, check it out

if it interests you then write your travel-stories there as well.

best wishes

Sheetal said...

Thank you, Nandan - that's a good site.

DiscountShoppy said...

Thanks Man! I changed my mind after reading your blog and opted for Khandala lonavala trek.

Anonymous said...

Can you please give me Deepak Acharya's contact information? Dont you think he deserves recognition? Please help.