Friday, February 23, 2007


been so long.
been travelling, been ill. in fact, the same old story.

this last bout leaves brain in a delicate state of yogurt-ness. no concentration, no focus, just daze and diffuse.

in delirium, i had a post somewhat composed, and just as I had a few coherent sentences, a few words leaped out and multiplied themselves several times over, overrunning the rest, taking over the page and then running away altogether.
i expect them home shortly however, when they will be spanked, reproached, scrubbed clean and presented to you again, as if nothing had happened.


Anonymous said...

amma was telling me you were ill. I hope you are much better now. Take good care!


Shweta said...

And thus we shall have 'The Hyderabad chromosome'

Sheetal said...

Much better, Hemanth, thank you! Manege barteevi, one of these days.

Toms: You very nearly did!

Hemang said...

haven't read the whole blog but went through it like you drive through fog: reading all the couplets that shone like lamp-posts.

Hemang said...

that "you" in "you drove through fog" was a mistake. Should have been like driving through fog.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I loved the "in delirium" paragraph! Look forward to reading more from you.

Anon in Dallas

Sheetal said...

Hemang, Anon in Dallas: Thank you!