Monday, December 04, 2006

Samaroha – Day 4

The last post on the music festival, I promise, and the last on classical music for a while, but I just have to get this much out.

The morning session on this last day was pushed to the evening and the programme was packed. Started with Devki Pandit, whose list of gurus reads like the who’s who: Jitendra Abhisheki features there as well as Kishori Amonkar. She sang one of my favourite ragas, Madhuvanti. Nice voice she has, great shruti and it rings out clearly. But also a bit boring.

Pt Prabhakar Karekar was next. We rubbed our hands in anticipation. This man has one of THE most mesmerising voices I’ve heard and he’s got taseer like you wouldn’t believe. We settled ourselves, ready for a high treat.

He began on Bhoopali and dismay! he was struggling. He was greyer than we remembered, and Shweta turned to me, pale, “He can’t have grown that old, can he?” It wasn’t that, just a congested chest and tiredness. It was like watching your favourite player play with an injury – you feel for them at every wince and you’re torn between having them retire and take care of that pain, and carrying on. However, it got better, and genius burst through more frequently. The great ones it seems do play hurt.

Karekar was all for rising after the one piece but was persuaded to sing one very sweet-sounding Marathi natyageet, after which he wrapped up determinedly.


Australopithecus said...

Didn't stick around for dance and song?

Sheetal said...

We did, we did. Leela Samson was so precise, so graceful, so austere - kya bolna, auqaat hi nahi hai.
Sat only a little while through Anup Jalota though. He was fun, as always.

Aditya said...

Sounds intersting :)
Where is this place in hyd?

Sheetal said...

Aditya, this was the annual Pandit Motiram Pandit Maniram Samaroh. Has been held at the Nizam College Grounds for a few years now.

Suranjan said...

A truly nice read ! quite accidentally I bumped into this blog page, and I can not help myself thanking for doing so ! I knew, I read somewhere that this classical music conference would be due in sometimes in winter, but I just lost the track of it - rather missed the chance to be there. It is almost 1 year for me working as a software pro in Hyderabad, and I have been pining to be present in any of the hindusthani classical programmes being organized in hyderabad. And you can imagine, as in Kolkata --- thats the place I belong to, there are innumerable number of concerts be organised every year around this time ! Oh -- how I miss them ! I request all of you who would be reading this comment, please let me be informed if there is any happenings! Yes, it would be impossible for me to be there if one falls on any of the weekdays, but on Sat & Sun I can afford the luxury to take a dip into "Sur" & "Swara"s ! Thank you all ! Happy New year - a belated one though - from me :-)

Sheetal said...

Suranjan: thanks.
Yes, this festival always begins November 30. Not to worry, there will be a few more concerts before winter is done, hopefully :)

Suranjan said...

Thanks Sheetal.
As I requested earlier, if you or other hindusthani classical music lovers who are visitors of this blog, post the information regarding programmes/concerts here, I would be very grateful.

Another thing. For all classical music lovers, yes --- we are fast becoming "endangered community :-) " I fear -- let me give the link to a blog I've read today ! Please try to visit it -- A Time To Reflect I hope you'll be liking it ! Thank you all