Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Rained all of yesterday. And today. No sign of the sun in two days.

The clothes won't dry, the damp leaves its smell, everything is wet and yucky. But the leaves look green and they seem to like this incessant drip. Droplets hang poetically from every bough and I have been taking mental SLR pictures all morning, playing with focus and macro frames.

Cabin fever threatens but we need the groundwater. Nothing to do but put on toe socks, a warm jacket, place myself by the window and blog.


Australopithecus said...

swimming lessons came in handy?
I got stuck in MG road in deluge (like apna godavari time...we saw movie called godavari and lo behold we were driviing through rivers) luckily we didnt' see armageddon or jurrasic park..esply with my 'affinity' towards reptiles.

Sheetal said...

heh heh, yep, what a good thing it wasn't Anaconda given the famous 'affinity'. You a secret parseltongue, aa?

Meera said...

good.. good.. u r back.. i was so bored the last month or so with no blog to read.. Sis is off blogging coz i think she doesnt find time now.. so its good to have u back.. :)

Sheetal said...

Aww, Meera, you warm the cockles of my heart! Naanu mathe shuru madiddu much thanks to your prodding - so very glad to be of use. Many Hugs!