Friday, June 23, 2006


Travel website ran a contest recently – the application process was simple and I shot off my entry, just like that, chumma. The prize was Rs 50000 with 15 days and 7 destinations to spend it on. Turns out they meant it after all, because I’ve been shortlisted. *Jig*

There’s a profile of moi up here. Go see.

The winner was announced yesterday: Apurv Pandit. I met several of the contestants on Saturday in Mumbai and it was the most fun. We were rather tempted to pick a route and take off en masse.
Apurv is an engineering chappie-turned-writer, and is a dedicated traveller. He has visited nearly every major tiger santuary in the country and edits Cool guy.
Congrats, Apurv! We'll be tracking you, Tiger Tracker.


Gayathri said...

You go girl.
When do you find out?

Meera said...

WOWIE AGAIN !! Do they let u tag along cousins?

aashiq aawara said...

congrats...can i hide in your baggage?

Sheetal said...

Thank you, kind pippals!

Gagu: exact aagi gothilla. Monday or Tuesday maybe.

Meera, Aashiq: of course, of course. I'll just go off and commission this multi-bodied backpack, and then it's just a little matter of winning and then hauling you chaps along.

footloose said...

sheetal vyas! u make me proud :D

speaking of traveling, i've been on 5 flights this past week... still reeling :D

btw, loved ur profile on that travel site!

Emma said...

Wow! Congratulations... I hope you win.

Sheetal said...

Footloozilla: Thanks ra pilla. Itta jaldi aake gaye tum - Krrish ab jaake aaya dekho.
Are you done gallivanting? Keep us posted, ok?

Sweet-Person-Emma: Many thanks.

still new :) said...

People who title posts "Yay" are special :D