Monday, April 17, 2006

Duniya kare sawaal

Of all the unanswerable questions, there is nothing that renders me dumb like “Why don’t you….” What do you say to that?

Why don’t you start a business
Get married
Undertake steps 1 to 6 to have your freelancing enterprise zip through the stratosphere
Download this or the other software so it’ll change your life
Start a film club

Why don’t I?
Because it didn’t compel me
Because I don’t need it yet
Because I’m ok
Because I’m that man under the tree who was recommended a life of entrepreneurial action just so he could come to the other end of the circle, doing exactly what he was doing – relaxing under a tree.


Navin said...

Heh heh. The next time someone asks me this, I'll point them here :)

Gayathri said...

Hey Sheetal, Why don't you.. just whack the question askers on their head?

Sheetal said...

Navin: ah, see how useful this is.

Thanks Gagu :-). Indeed, why don't I.

Uncle/Aunty/RandomArbit Person, will you step here please, to the middle of the room, yes, clear of this lamp shade... thank you.

*grin* The idea has possiblities.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed! The whack would be the most satisfying response but unfortunately not really an option:-) I suppose one could try, "Oh my God! What a genius YOU are!! Why didn't I think of that??"