Monday, October 10, 2005

New look

Several reasons why.
First, just like that.
Two, when I changed my template to the lovely energetic yellow you now miss, Nish thought it more than a bit jhatak. That rankled.
Third, this blog turned one last week and I had more fun tinkering with colours than coming up with something sensible to say.

Letting go of that yellow was a wrench, I tell you, a wrench. I was secretly hoping there would be a public outcry and it would be brought back on popular demand. I see from Kuffir's comment, alas, that it is not to be. Kuffir bhai, isse zyada soothing colour hota to so na jaate aap? white? white!

I had a nice plum/pink/purple deal (bit girlie) and there was this. You get this because my mum liked it better. So, anyone with not-nice things to say shall back their critique by creating a template for me. Give me something that’ll gladden my heart and I will use it. Ha.


the One said...

Hey, happy budday! May your posts continue to inform and entertain. And inspire.

P.S. Just realized that one's own blog is kind of an autorickshaw yellow too, even if one prefers to call it a rich golden. Maybe one should adopt that plum/pink/purple deal. Girlie hai to kya hua.

kuffir said...

happy blog-birthday to you..
about green in the background, you're looking at the color in isolation, yes it's a nice color, but not when you have to read something written on makes you draw closer to the screen by around 6 inches . there are other greens in colormatch that have less of green mixed in them.
hey ...i don't wish to keep harping on this point. what you've put together is nice, and green is my favorite color..

kuffir said...

i mean, there are other greens in colormatch that have less of black mixed in them.

Sheetal said...

There! a lighter green.
Kuffir, you're absolutely right - I was just razzing you. Utility before aesthetics, preferably intertwined - I know, I know.
As for interchanging the colours of the panels, dar'asal baat yeh hai, I don't know how. I meant it about someone making me a nice look.

The One: Shukran. Hmm, girlie not a problem except it doesn't suit one all the time. Still, one shall see :-).

the One said...

Ah, the ambiguities associated with using the third person. That should read 'maybe one (as in One) should adopt blah blah.'

And if you want to change panel colours - template ke HTML mein jaaiye; look in section demarcated by "head .. /head" tags (i.e. first half of template); find sections describing header, sidebar, comments etc; find statements describing colour (add if not present); manipulate coldheartedly.

i wonder why said...

Oh no -will have to eat crow! I miss the jhatak yellow. Et qui sont tous les mecs sur votre blog?
Anyway happy blog birthday.
And if aunty has selected who am I to object (unless of course, you did not give her enough choice, in which case you should tinker around with the colours a bit more)

the One said...

Mecs?? Mecs?? Pour votre information, i wonder why, on est un gentilhomme eminent! Hmpfh.

footloose said...

yeh kya sheetal vyas? birthday celebrate karke gaayab ho gaye!

Sheetal said...

just, re. break type thing. will be back. aur yeh tum bolre?! ever hear of pots and kettles?